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The Housebuilders Podcast: Building for the Future

The team at Close Brothers Property Finance team have launched a brand-new podcast series alongside the property industry’s most well-read magazine Show House. The series is hosted by industry veteran, Rupert Bates, Editorial Director of Show House.

Over the coming months and episodes, the podcast will feature a number of SME housebuilders from across the UK, talking about what they know best, building new homes. The topics covered in this series will include building for the future, the next generation of housebuilders, first time buyers and women in property. 

In the first episode, they speak to Bradley Gold, co-founder of Gold Property Developments, Paul Dipino, Chief Innovation Officer of Joseph Homes’ and Dan Joyce, Lending Director at Close Brothers Property Finance, about building for the future. 

In the wake of COP26, now is the time for the industry to decide how we can build more sustainably and deliver:
•    Eco-homes of the future
•    The Future Homes Standard
•    20- minute neighbourhoods and can they work?
•    Modern Methods of Construction




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