Funding options including hire purchase, leasing and refinancing across agriculture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials handling, packaging, plastics, print, transport and logistics, waste management and woodworking

Close Brothers Asset Finance

Tel: 0808 163 1284

Specialist finance for the UK middle ticket market, with transactions typically £500,000 plus in value

Close Brothers Leasing

Tel: 0808 231 7793

Invoice discounting and factoring solutions for small and medium sized businesses

Close Brothers Invoice Finance

Tel: 0808 159 3596

Finance for accountancy, dental, funeral, legal, medical, optical, pharmacy and veterinary

Braemar Finance

Tel: 0156 389 8309

Finance for general aviation and a wide range of leisure and commercial vessels

Close Brothers Aviation and Marine

Tel: 020 8390 9444

Provision of brewery equipment and container maintenance services and tailored solutions for kegs, casks and drinks equipment

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals

Tel: 01425 485421

Vehicle solutions for vehicle rental, contract hire, finance solutions and fleet management services

Close Brothers Vehicle Hire

Tel: 0808 115 8851

Finance and services solutions to support technology funding, acquisition, management and recover

Close Brothers Technology Services

Tel: 0808 159 9240

Finance for experienced property developers for residential development, pre-let or sold commercial, actively managed investment and short term bridging.

Close Brothers Property Finance

Tel: 020 7655 3655

Commercial Acceptances

Tel: 0207 655 3388

Financial planning and investment service

Close Brothers Asset Management

Tel: 0800 588 4064

Business savings: A range of competitively priced deposit products including fixed term deposits and specialist notice accounts for UK businesses

Close Brothers Treasury

Tel: 020 7655 3050

Personal savings: Deposit products that offer competitive rates of interest

Close Brothers Savings

Tel: 020 3857 3050

Financial planning and investment services

Close Brothers Asset Management

Tel: 0800 588 4064

Market-making services to retail brokers, asset managers and institutional investors.

Tel: 020 3100 0000