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Sustainability and the environment

We take a no-nonsense approach to taking care of our environment by using renewable energy wherever possible, complying with government initiatives and monitoring our approach to reducing our carbon footprint. We are conscious of our local environment and understand our responsibility to protect natural resources and behave sustainably. To improve our energy efficiency across the business, we continue to monitor and report on greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and waste.

How we reduce our environmental impact

Our environmental impact is mostly driven by staff travel, our supply chain and our office network. Although this impact is relatively minor, we do not use that as an excuse to neglect our duty to help the environment.

  • Manage resources locally at each of our businesses, which
    • lowers energy consumption
    • reduces emissions and waste
    • increases recycling
  • Supply all banking division sites with renewable sources
  • Provide finance to the green energy (wind, solar and hydro power) sector, particularly for projects that other project finance providers consider too small
  • Reduce water and paper use across all our offices, for example by encouraging double-sided printing
  • Monitor our waste reduction via a third-party provider
  • Offer employees a cycle-to-work scheme and lease low-emission cars
  • Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by working in energy efficient buildings

Monitoring and auditing

We want our approach to transparency to extend to all areas of our work. To ensure we comply with standard protocols for reducing our impact on the environment, we:

  • Undertake an energy audit every four years under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, which has led to significant savings on our energy bills
  • Voluntarily disclose our greenhouse gas emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project

Gather data together with an independent, third-party greenhouse-gas-emissions-reporting company to verify the accuracy of our data and enable us to monitor our performance.