Our diversity strategy comes from the very top. Our Executive Leadership Team are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment and actively support a number of diversity initiatives.

  • We monitor perceptions of fairness through our Employee Opinion Survey and break down the data by gender and department to help address any ‘hotspots’.
  • We provide mentoring schemes and leadership programmes to support talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • We run training sessions for our line managers to help increase their awareness and understanding of differences and why they matter, to help ensure we are building and supporting inclusive teams.
  • Our flexible working policy is open to all, regardless of gender or length of service. We are open to requests to vary working hours, or working days, and operate trial periods to ensure they work for everyone.
  • We provide a range of gender balanced family-friendly benefits to support all our working parents. We offer a period of fully paid parental leave for mums, dads and adoptive parents who take time off to look after their babies after a birth or adoption, and provide emergency back-up childcare when they come back to work.
  • We are passionate about social mobility and creating an organisation with equal opportunities for all, regardless of background. For the first time this year we will be working with the charity UpReach to launch an internship programme for undergraduates from less advantaged backgrounds.

Diversity and inclusion partnerships

We partner with three leading organisations to inform our thinking and promote inclusion throughout our businesses

  • 30% Club – An institution focused on promoting good gender balance within companies at all levels
  • Stonewall - Europe’s largest LGBT+ charity supporting individuals and employers
  • Employers Network of Equality and Inclusion - A network of leading companies committed to diverse, equal and inclusive employment


Women in Finance Charter

In 2018 we became a charter signatory of the Women in Finance Charter, a government-backed initiative dedicated to improving gender balance in senior positions across Financial Services.

As part of our commitment to the Charter, we have set the following targets:

  • Aim to have at least 30% female representation in our Senior Management population by 2020
  • Identify at least 10 talented females annually for 30% Club mentoring to provide them with development opportunities in order to improve our female talent pipeline
  • Aim for gender balance among our Graduate and Aspire School Leaver Programme intakes
  • Ensure all line managers have received unconscious bias training within 12 months of joining the company, or promotion

To ensure we are proactively supporting gender diversity, Adrian Sainsbury, Bank MD has been appointed as the Executive Sponsor for Inclusion.

We are currently on track to meet and exceed the target of 30% of female managers identifying as female by our target deadline of 31st July 2020. We will be looking to set a new aspirational target for 2025.

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