Our Purpose

How Modern Merchant Banking is different

Modern Merchant Banking uses prudent, conservative principles and the insight and experience to see opportunity where others only see risk.

Our approach

Modern merchant banking combines timeless values, modern thinking and specialist financial expertise to enable our clients to meet their objectives.

Through all market conditions, we remain focused on:

  • Providing straightforward products and services.
  • Maintaining a prudent approach and strong financial position.
  • Building lasting relationships.

Our model

Close Brothers has an established reputation as a responsible bank with a distinctive, prudent business model and a long-term approach. We focus on providing straightforward products and services in sectors we know and understand, and delivering quality and reliability for our clients.

We remain committed to our traditional values of service, expertise and relationships alongside teamwork, integrity and prudence, to help the people and businesses of Britain thrive over the long term.

Our leadership

Our history


Founded by William Brooks Close at the age of 25 with his brothers Fred and James as a London-based partnership.


The business moved to Chicago.


Close secured the rights to build a railway from Skagway into the Yukon.


William Brooks Close dies and in his will stipulates that Close Brothers should be wound up and a new company formed to carry on the business under the same name.


Arthur Martens was appointed a director, and subsequently became chairman in 1940.


The Issuing Houses Association is established with Close Brothers as a founder member.


Arthur Martens dies and leaves the bank in the control of his son, Fraser, and Peter Anninos, a former director of Purle Brothers.


London & Western Trust completes its acquisition of the bank but the parent company is then acquired by Consolidated Gold Fields.


Close Brothers Premium Finance launches as the first premium finance business in the UK.


A management buy-out saw the business exit from the Consolidated Gold Fields group.


Close Brothers listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Close Brothers Invoice Finance founded through the acquisition of Century Factors.


Close Brothers Asset Finance set up by four former employees of British Credit Trust.


Close Motor Finance established through the acquisition of Nene Credit.


Winterflood Securities is acquired.


Close Brothers announced its twentieth year of unbroken profit increases.

Close Fund Management started.


Close Brothers acquires the Surrey Asset Finance print business.


The acquisition of Rea Brothers Group plc takes assets under management to £2.5 billion and supports the launch of our high net worth client business.


The purchase of Nelson Money Managers was completed.


Close Brothers launches brewery rentals business.


Commercial Acceptances was acquired.

Amber Credit Premium Finance and Kaupthing, Singer and Freidlander Premium Finance acquired.


Close Brothers acquires Chartwell Group to support its wealth management proposition.


Allenbridge Group’s retail division and Cavanagh are acquired, the latter helping to build out Close Brothers Asset Management’s adviser force to today’s 116.


Loan book grows to over £6 billion, and Close Brothers maintains its unbroken 30 year record of never cutting its dividend.