Our objective

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services and securities trading.

Our clients play an important role in driving growth in the British economy. Our role is to help them as they grow – providing financial support and advice to small businesses and individuals across the UK.

Our objective

Our business model

We focus on our core values of service, expertise and relationships, which drive strong employee engagement and customer loyalty and are at the heart of our Modern Merchant Banking approach. We build leading positions in specialist markets, which are typically not well served by larger, more traditional banking groups.

We consistently apply our lending criteria at all stages in the financial cycle – ensuring sustainability of our lending and continuity for our clients.

Our lending is predominantly secured, with conservative loan to value ratios, and high margin.

We take a prudent approach to the management of our financial resources. We borrow long and lend short, with diverse sources of funding, and seek to maintain a conservative capital position throughout the cycle.

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1 Build leadingpositions in ourspecialist markets 2 Generate strongand sustainablereturns 3 Maintain a soundfinancial positionand support ourclients throughthe cycle 4 Reinvest in thebusiness to enhanceour customerproposition ExpertiseOur people areexperts in their fields ServiceAllowing us to provideexcellent service RelationshipsBuilding long-termrelationships with clientsand intermediaries

Shareholder returns

We invest through the cycle to grow our business.

We continuously explore and develop new niches.

Our strong returns through the cycle support our progressive and sustainable dividends.

Key performance indicators (at 31 July 2017)


Return on opening equity


Adjusted basic earnings per share


Dividend per share

We are committed to creating an environment where our employees are supported and motivated by providing them with opportunities to realise their full potential.

We have a strong commitment to creating and promoting a diverse workforce, with focus on supporting all individuals irrespective of their gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

We believe in rewarding our staff fairly and transparently, ensuring that remuneration across the group is linked to clear objectives.

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We value and care about our customers and want to remain their trusted partner, by behaving ethically and responsibly in all our dealings with them. This includes continued focus on fair pricing, clear and consistent communication, right outcomes for our customers and high standards across our businesses, our partners and intermediaries.

We ensure full compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements across all our divisions and aim to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards in dealing with our customers, suppliers and each other.

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We care about the environment we operate in and are aware of our responsibility to protect natural resources and to behave sustainably.

We monitor energy consumption and our GHG emissions and continue working to improve our energy efficiency across all our businesses.

Sustainability and the environment


We are active in our community and continue to invest in a number of community based initiatives and support the charitable causes that our employees are passionate about.

Close Brothers in the community