Analysts' consensus

Below is a summary of the latest published analysts' consensus for Close Brothers Group as at 3 March 2020:

Analysts' consensus

FY 2020

FY 2021

Adjusted operating profit (£m)



  Banking (£m)



  Asset Management (£m)



  Winterflood (£m)



  Group (£m)



Adjusted basic EPS (p)



DPS (p)



Number of analysts contributing



Close Brothers has a financial year end of 31 July.

The analysts’ consensus is provided for information purposes only, for the convenience of our investors and analysts. Consensus figures are those as at 3 March 2020, and may not reflect any changes to analyst estimates after that date. Figures shown are a simple arithmetic average of the latest forecasts provided to Close Brothers by a number of registered investment analysts by this date, excluding any forecasts more than ten months old as at the above date.

Although Close Brothers will endeavour to ensure that the analysts’ consensus is kept updated from time to time, Close Brothers assumes no obligation to update or revise such information to reflect circumstances existing after the date above. Close Brothers reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice, to exclude one or more analysts’ forecasts on the basis that Close Brothers believes them to be unrepresentative and/or out of date.

The analysts’ consensus does not constitute Close Brothers prepared estimates, forecasts, predictions, projections or opinions and should not be taken as such for any purpose. The analysts’ consensus does not constitute and should not be construed as a profit forecast or profit estimate by or on behalf of Close Brothers. Analyst forecasts are the product of third party opinions, conclusions and expectations, and Close Brothers does not endorse, approve or adopt the analysts’ consensus or any underlying analyst’s estimate that may have formed part of the analysts’ consensus.

The analysts’ consensus numbers have not been reviewed or reported on by or on behalf of Close Brothers or any independent third party for any purpose. Neither Close Brothers Group plc nor any subsidiary undertaking or any director, officer or employee of Close Brothers accepts any responsibility for the accuracy of the forecasts used in the analysts’ consensus and therefore shall have no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any reliance or actions taken or not taken based on any of the information in the analysts’ consensus.

Sell side analysts covering Close Brothers Group include:


Analyst Name

Autonomous Research

Ian White


Donald Tait

Canaccord Genuity

Portia Patel


Nicholas Herman


Ian Gordon


Julian Roberts

JP Morgan

Raul Sinha

Merrill Lynch

Philip Middleton


James Hamilton

Panmure Gordon

Shailesh Raikundlia

Peel Hunt

Stuart Duncan


Benjamin Toms

Shore Capital

Gary Greenwood


Jason Napier