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What we do

At Close Brothers we provide financial support and advice to small businesses and individuals in the UK.

Winterflood Investment Trusts

Winterflood Investment Trusts has the largest dedicated Investment Trust team in the sector, offering market-making, sales, research and corporate broking services.
Winterflood Investment Trusts
  • Trading

  • Research

  • Sales

  • Corporate advice

Winterflood Business Services

Winterflood Business Services provides a range of independent dealing, custody and settlement services to institutional, wealth management and brokerage clients.
Winterflood business services teaser
  • Institutional Dealing Only

  • Segregated Institutional

  • Institutional Dealing & Custody

  • Wealth Platform

Winterflood Securities

Winterflood Securities is number 1 in the UK Equity market, committed to consistently providing liquidity and flexible execution services to clients who include retail stockbrokers, wealth managers and institutional investors.
Winterflood Securities
  • Sales trading

  • International equities

  • UK equities

  • Fixed income