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Brewery Rentals

Perfect for businesses looking for:

  • Equipment finance

  • Ekegs and ecasks

  • Keg and cask rentals and sales

    We work with businesses of all sizes to provide keg and cask rentals, container maintenance services and equipment finance. We are a specialist division of Close Brothers, a leading merchant banking group.

    Since being established in 2007, Close Brothers Brewery Rentals has grown. We now operate over three sites in the UK and manage a fleet of over 2.2 million kegs and casks, including long-term rental containers, ekegs and ecasks.

    As well as offering rentals and sales, we manage the repair and service of over 3.5 million containers and offer market-leading services, such as RFID container tracking, to support the brewing sector.

    • Equipment finance
    • Ekegs and ecasks
    • Keg and cask rentals
    • Container services
    • Sale and rent back
    • Keg and cask sales

    We're proud to support the brewing and beverage industry, and ensure we remain at the forefront of sector news and innovation through industry group membership

    • SIBA Gold Standard Sponsor
    • British Food and Beverage Institute associate member
    • The British Beer and Pub Association associate member
    • Supporters of the London Brewers Alliance

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