Our objective

We take a conservative approach to funding, focused on diversity of sources and a prudent maturity profile.

We borrow longer than we lend, which minimises refinancing risk and supports our strong credit rating.

Our Treasury is run as a cost centre, with the main purpose of efficiently funding the loan book, holding appropriate liquidity and minimising interest rate risk.

Fixed income investors - our objective

Sources of funding

Our funding remains diverse through a range of corporate and retail deposits, wholesale facilities, senior unsecured debt including subordinated debt.

Furthermore, we have a range of secured funding facilities including securitisations of our premium and motor finance loan books.

This diversity increases resilience by reducing reliance on any individual source of funding.

Close Brothers Group funding sources

in £'billions (at 31 July 2019)

Key ratios (at 31st July 2019)


Common equity tier 1 capital ratio


Total capital ratio


Leverage ratio


Common equity tier 1 capital ratio


Total capital ratio


Total funding as % of loan book


Term funding as % of loan book

20 months

Average maturity of funding allocated to loan book

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