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Wealth Management

Perfect for individuals and businesses looking for:

  • Financial advice and investment service

  • Bespoke Investment Management Service

  • Self-directed service

  • Financial wellbeing in the workplace

    We are one of the UK’s largest and longest-established providers of financial advice and investment management.

    Professionals, business owners, individuals and families rely on our high-quality financial advice and investment services to preserve and grow their long-term savings and investments.

    Financial advisers, trustees, consultants and charities trust our proven multi-asset investment management expertise to manage funds and portfolios on their behalf.

    Capital at risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

    The key services we provide are:

    Financial advice and investment service

    We cut through the complexity of the world of money and investing to give you the clarity and clear direction you need – whether you’re beginning to save and invest for the first time; organising your financial affairs as your family grows; or enjoying retirement and thinking about how you would like to provide for future generations.

    Our advisers can work with you in whatever way suits you: in person or over the phone, on an ad-hoc or long-term basis. They have a wealth of experience and, where necessary, can draw on the expertise of a broad range of specialist teams.

    Bespoke Investment Management Service

    Our personal relationship with you is at the heart of the service we offer. Your dedicated investment manager will deliver a bespoke, personal and trusted investment service, designed to meet your investment objectives.

    Self-directed service

    Our online investment service offers 24/7 access to thousands of investment opportunities as well as ready-made portfolios, the latest research and insights from our team of experts, and handy tools to help you invest in a range of accounts.

    Investment services for external advisers

    Entrusting a company to manage investments on your behalf is an important decision.

    As an adviser, you face many challenges. Stricter regulation, wider investment choice and fast-moving markets make managing your clients’ portfolios difficult and time-consuming. Partnering with us allows you to focus on financial advice and wealth planning whilst we manage your clients’ investments.

    Our team of experienced investment professionals provide a range of services including bespoke and socially-responsible portfolio management, inheritance tax service, as well as active and passive funds.

    Financial wellbeing in the workplace

    We have been helping employees from some of the UK’s best known organisations to secure a better financial future for over 50 years.

    Just as every organisation is unique, so are their employees and the financial wellbeing programmes we build around them. We are an award-winning provider of financial education in the workplace, driving financial wellness through education, advice and investment solutions. Great education doesn’t just build knowledge; it provides the clarity, confidence and clear direction to effect change, helping employees to improve their financial wellbeing now and for their future.

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