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What's different about Close Brothers?

Hear from some of our employees about their experiences of working here

Colin – Close Brothers Asset Management, Midlands

Well in my profession, Close Brothers is a fabulous brand in the external market place, really well recognised and the company really cares for its clients. We have a great proposition to offer the client base and the people within it are really well looked after and care about those clients so all in all it’s a fabulous place to work.

James – Close Brothers Leasing, Manchester

The main answer to that is the people. The organisation is very people focussed, it’s a large organisation but, strangely enough, it’s quite small. There’s lots of little entrepreneurial areas, niche businesses and those businesses are quite autonomous. So, I guess you gain the insight to grow in the business and in your own division. This is what attracted me to Close Brothers.

Jennifer – Group Risk, London

I think just how open of a company it can be and how the workforce comprises of very open, very friendly people. The people that I meet are always eager to talk as opposed to just emailing all the time and people want to find out about you and what you’re like as a person.

John – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

It’s a high performing business so it’s well respected in the city. It comes through difficult periods with growth and successful financial results. It also values its employees so much. There’s a real focus on the recognition of employees which I think is important and you don’t get that everywhere you work so I think that it’s something to be celebrated.

Kim – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

We know that we’re working for something that supports the greater economy in the UK and we’re supporting smaller businesses.

Roohi – Close Brothers Asset Management, London

I think that we’re valued quite highly. I think that we have a great brand but I think, importantly, it’s the people. They really make the brand and Close Brothers a nice place to work. My experience has been really positive, I feel like the company has supported me a lot in my developments and achievements, and I’m very happy for that.

Toby – Close Brothers Motor Finance, Sevenoaks

It is rewarding to see the work you’ve done and the impact that it has on someone.