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Why our employees enjoy their roles

Find out about some of the different roles our employees do

Alex – Close Brothers Premium Finance, Wimbledon

I love looking to solve problems. It’s something I’ve always been very keen on since I started at Close Brothers and they’ve given me the opportunity to do this and make it part of my day-to-day role.

Charlene – Close Brothers Premium finance, Wimbledon

I love the people aspect. I love to make sure that my team members are happy and I love to make sure that they understand what is going on. We get a lot of people that come in that have just graduated, they don’t have a clear direction of where they want to be, so we work with them, build their personal development plan and they start to realise the direction that they wish to go.

James – Close Brothers Leasing, Manchester

The thing I most enjoy is that it’s very short reporting lines. I report directly into the board so any communications are easily fed up and down.

Jennifer – Group Risk, London

I think the fact that I get to engage with different levels of the business, internally and externally keeps the job really interesting. It’s really fast paced, really busy as well, so for me, as I’m a kind of ‘none stop personality’, it really suits my personality and my characteristics.

Jonathan – Close Brothers Asset Finance, Chester

I just love working for Close Brothers. We have a fast turnaround, a great culture and I think that working for a big plc bank is fantastic.

John – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

I’ve enjoyed developing the people within my team. A lot of those guys are quite new to the business, quite junior in their roles, so I enjoy trying to grow those people, develop them so that they come out the other side really well and progress in their careers.

Karen – Close Brothers Asset Management, Northwich

Well, my role is really fast paced and forever evolving. What I really enjoy about it is that I get involved in projects and business initiatives right from the start so that helps me to have an impact and an influence.

Nahida – Treasury, London

With me, I personally feel like it’s working with your family, it’s your work family. They take care of you, they always look out for your interests. With my personal development plan, I aimed to be in a certain department, within six months it was promised and delivered. I was able to shadow across different teams, I was able to do extra courses. I’ve also won employee of the year so I’m very proud of that.

Kim – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

My role is quite varied, I’m currently in a finance role but I’ve found, during my time at Close Brothers, that I’ve had the ability to cross-over into operations type work. I’ve also been able to work with other departments so getting involved in all parts of the business from start to end, getting exposure to the commercial side of the business, not just the back house which is what the world typically thinks of a finance department.

Roohi – Close Brothers Asset Management, London

I’m an equity analyst so I cover the global consumer sector at Close Brothers. What is fantastic about my job is the opportunity to look at some really great companies on a global basis, including companies in the US, Japan and the UK. These make products that we all use and enjoy every day. I also get to meet with management teams on a day-to-day basis and really understand what makes companies tick.

Toby – Close Brothers Motor Finance, Sevenoaks

We speak to a lot of people outside of the business and it’s great building relationships with those people. It’s quite enjoyable not just to speak to someone and have that be the last point of contact but build that relationship throughout the life-cycle.