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Working at Close Brothers

Hear from some of our employees about their experiences of working here

Alex – Close Brothers Premium Finance, Wimbledon

I really enjoy working at Close Brothers. There are plenty of networks around the business to ensure that we get the absolute best out of the people here and it’s a real community atmosphere.

Charlene – Close Brothers Premium finance, Wimbledon

We’re like a really massive family so you come into work, greet everybody, all friendly faces and whenever there’s any issues or troubles we all come together to work on it. So, it’s quite family-orientated. That’s the best word I can use for it.

Colin – Close Brothers Asset Management, Midlands

Everybody enjoys what they do and it’s a great culture. I think that’s what I’d say is the strongest thing about Close Brothers. People aren’t just numbers, they are really cared for and, in that, we then really care for our clients, so everything works in the round.

Jennifer – Group Risk, London

I have to say, my experience of it has been really, really good. I joined the business just over a year ago and I’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to different parts of the organisation, getting involved in different projects and feeling out the business, getting to know more about the business and developing as well.

Jonathan – Close Brothers Asset Finance, Chester

Well, everyone’s a big family and we all work together. It’s a bit cliché but we all work together to be the finance partner of choice.

John – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

Great place to work, very positive culture, very supportive staff. The leadership team are very approachable as well so you always have a chance to interact with them and you get to meet so many people from different departments so it’s a really positive, supportive culture. If you have the right attitude, you’ll always be supported.

Karen – Close Brothers Asset Management, Northwich

Well, we have a fantastic, supportive culture across the company and our people are really bought into our vision and our business principles as well, and that makes a really big difference. I’m lucky enough in my role to work with a lot of different people across the company and it’s really refreshing that they all have that same common goal. It terms of myself, individually, I feel respected, valued and trusted to make the key decisions that I have to make within my role and that’s really empowering and motivating me to succeed.

Nahida – Treasury, London

I love working for Close Brothers. There’s an opportunity for everyone, if you’ve got an interest in IT, or transformation or wanting to liaise with brokers in general, there’s something for everyone across all the divisions.

Kim – Banking Finance, Wimbledon

It really is about the people that you get to work with. It’s walking in every day knowing that the team you’re working with are really good at their job, they have the same passion for what they are doing and everyone works as a team together. Everyone has the expertise - you’ve got the support to set you up to do a good job here and it’s a place where you’re not just a number but valued as an individual. Whilst we work very hard, we also celebrate our successes and enjoy the workplace beyond our nine to five.

Roohi – Close Brothers Asset Management, London

It’s quite refreshing to work in an organisation that is large enough that you can make an impact but also small enough that you have a voice so that’s really great.

Toby – Close Brothers Motor Finance, Sevenoaks

It’s a really rewarding role. Everyday is different and you speak to a lot of people, whether that is inside or outside the company. Yeah – it’s really enjoyable.