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Significant step forward as China and US announce climate agreement

COP: Day 11 update

An unexpected agreement made between China and the US has been the highlight of Day 11, with the two economic superpowers vowing to boost climate co-operation. The two nations are the two highest CO2 emitters in the world and, therefore, the news that both are ready to come to the table together to reach solutions has been welcomed- albeit tentatively by politicians and activists alike. 

The agreement pledges close cooperation on cutting emissions, and a joint working group that will meet regularly to address the climate crisis. Some critics have been disappointed by the lack of detail with many voicing reminders that the two countries still need to take significant action in order to prompt impactful change, however, this news has largely been viewed as a positive step in the right direction as all countries present at the summit negotiate over the draft deal.  

Data published on day 11 also paints a positive picture as we near the end of COP 26. The Climate Action Tracker’s data has shown that the new pledges from countries on methane, coal, transportation and fossil fuels could nudge the world closer to a pathway that keeps global warming to 1.5C- the rate that scientists have set out as a target. However, this is largely dependant on the pledges and promises made at November’s event being kept and sustained over the long term.