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“We are holding onto 1.5C by our fingernails."

COP: Day 12 update

The draft agreement, which was released this morning after all-night talks, remains the focus of the day. To summarise some of the agreement's proposals, it sets stricter deadlines for governments to disclose their plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourages wealthy countries to assist poorer countries in combating climate change. Negotiations on a final agreement could continue on until the evening or even later.

Furthermore, climate change activists have criticised the draft because it takes a soft approach to commitments to phase out coal and other fossil fuels by using vague language in policy. Simon Stiell, Grenada's climate resilience minister, has slammed the draft document, claiming that "if the text withstands the battering it may receive, we are holding onto 1.5C by our fingernails." Moreover, according to Prof Jim Watson of University College London, the goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius may not be achievable without ambitious climate change commitments.